General Terms of Service - Return Policy


I looked all over the net at different websites 'Terms and Conditions' and it all amounted to lawyer-type gobble-de-gook. The Terms and Conditions of Renegade Anime are as follow...

1.) I am awesome. If you visit this website at all you think I am awesome too.

2.) My stuff for sale is cool. If you look at any part of this website you are stating that you think my stuff is cool too.

3.) You have no rights at all to my stuff (until you buy it).

4.) You won't ruin my business and stuff like that.

5.) All images of products are stock images, your package might differ slightly. You are allowed to copy any image I have here (since I copied them from other places too)... viva la internet!

6.) By shopping on this site and buying my stuff you won't hold me responsible for anything or try to sue me and stuff.

7.) If you shop on this website you forever be my customer under my mind control and are ordered to buy more of my stuff.

8.) I do my best to be honest and you agree and won't get me in trouble or sue me or hit me in the face because you are mad.

9.) By visiting this site you will forever more love the band Duran Duran.

10.) Return Policy: Renegade Anime has a "no return policy". Each item is inspected and every effort is made to sell only complete, quality items.











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